Monday, November 20, 2017

A Little More Cement

When we had the final third of the shop floor cemented we also decided to have a piece next to the garage driveway cemented. There was a small tree and a big bush in that corner with a faucet behind all that on the wall. Very awkward to get to. I can't count the times I banged my head on one of the stupid branches from not bending over enough to get to the faucet. 

Bill got the backhoe and removed the bush and the tree. 

He only left one minor scrape in the wall (see next to the rake).

Now it looks cleaner, we have more room to park, and it's definitely more user friendly.

We replanted the bush and the tree in another area. The tree looks like it's going to make it but the bush unfortunately did not survive.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Shop Cement

One of the very first improvements we made to our new house here was to put a cement floor in the shop. When we moved in the shop had a gravel floor and was divided into three areas:  the main shop, the "office", and the "tack room". These were rooms that the previous owner had plans for and had started to create but never really finished. The office had a plywood floor, and the tack room had cinder blocks everywhere, possibly in preparation to put a plywood floor in. There was very little electrical done, though wires had been run all around the two smaller rooms, with outlet boxes. There was only one plug in the office that had a pull chain light attached. The tack room had empty outlet boxes and wires going here and there. The only lighting in the big shop was two lights that shone straight down. They weren't very bright either.

The day came when the guys started to work on the shop. We decided to do the main shop first and once we tore the office and tack room out we would do that side. But that was for later. 

The plan was to do it in two pours. 

 The first side is done.

Then they came back and did the same thing to the second side. The shop side, or 2/3 of the entire floor was now done.  

Eventually we would rip out the walls to the office and the tack room, creating one large space. I don't have pictures of that but here is a picture of the finished floor and the new lights above.

It's been a huge improvement!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Paint Choices

I know these posts aren't exactly in order but this is what I'm working on now. 

We recently and finally got the wall removed between the dining area and the living room. It was quite the ordeal. We had several bids ranging from $1600 to $5000!  We chose one guy but it took him forever to get started. He seemed hesitant to do it because it was a supporting wall and we needed a beam to hold the weight. The most complicated thing about it was there were some pipes above that needed to be moved (only a little) to make way for the beam. Our contractor ordered the beam and still kind of kept putting it off. We got the distinct feeling that he was uncomfortable with the project. Finally we told him he didn't need to do it because we knew he was very busy and had a million other projects he was working on. I'm sure he could have done the job, but he actually seemed relieved that we fired him.

Our electrician came back in to put some more can lights in the dining area and living room. When he saw the opening still wasn't done he called a buddy of his who came out and said he could do it. He got to work the next day and within a couple of days the wall was gone and the beam was up. Yay! Then the wallboard went up and now it is time to paint the areas.

I already know what tile I want to use for the floor so I got two samples. One was a brownish grey and the other was a more whitewashed grey wood look porcelain tile. The floor may be a while before it's done but I wanted to make sure the paint coordinated. 

The paint on the living room walls now is a very gross dirty mustard. The kitchen is a medium green. Now that the wall is gone the new paint is going to be one color throughout.

I learned from painting our other houses (and innumerable hours of DIY tv) that you need to take your time in picking out a paint color. The color will look different on different walls and during different times of the day. Also it will not necessarily look like the small chip once it's on the wall.

I got several sample jars and painted big squares on two opposite walls, and a section near the floor where I placed the sample tiles I had purchased.

We decided the tile on the left is too whitewashed looking (sorry Joanna Gaines). I liked the left tile because it looked more realistic to me and it had both brownish and grayish tones.  I actually thought we would go with one of the top four paints, but after putting them on the wall I knew right away they were too dark.  I went back and got four more samples the next day. Definitely better. The consensus was unanimous. We all decided to go with the second from the left on the second row. It's a Behr paint called "dove". It's not too dark, not too light, and goes well with the tile.

This is the opposite wall. You can see how the colors look different. They are in the exact same order as in the photo above.

I guess I'm going to be pretty busy this week.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Love Is In The Air

I looked out the window and saw a nice buck just strolling by. We haven't seen a lot of deer this close to the house lately, probably because the dogs are out a lot.

He seemed to be focused on something near the garden. Then we saw a doe meandering through. Now it makes sense. It is that time of the year, after all.

 Somebody made a noise and they looked over.

Time to leave.