Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last Pics With The Kids

The kids have been gone for a while now.  I was just checking my camera and found some pictures I forgot to load into the camera.

One of the days we went to visit GaGa and before we left I said I wanted a picture of all the girls, four generations!  After a few false starts--GaGa looking the wrong way, Siena pouting, and Carli making funny faces--

--we finally got a decent picture.

We also took the kids and the kayak to the Prineville Reservoir where Hubby paddeled them around.

Josh and I sat on the bank and watched.

The night before they left I got a pedicure from my granddaughter.

This morning I woke up and there was some snow on the ground.  We did have a little snow falling earlier in the week but it didn't stick.  

I managed to catch a cold on Sunday.  I still had to work Tuesday but I have three days off in a row and I'm enjoying my tea with honey, lemon, and a splash of rum.  It's good to be sitting inside with a nice fire going.  Hopefully I'll be all better before I have to go back to work on Friday.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

With The Kids: Crooked River Gorge And Maragas Winery

Last week when the kids were still here we took them to see the Crooked River Gorge and then the only winery in the area, the Maragas winery.  

First we put Sadi, the "boxstiff" in her kennel for while we were away. She is used to being in her kennel and it is a good thing because she is very active and we would probably return to a destroyed interior if we left her out!

First stop was the Gorge.  You've seen these before.  But it really is awe striking when you are there in person!  

Here we are:  me, Si, Carli, and Josh.  Hubby was taking the picture.

My cutie!

Then it was off to the Maragas Winery, the only winery in the area.  

We went into the tasting room and ended up buying some wine.  Then we sat out back and shared a bottle on the patio.  

They have a very nice lawn area with a bocce ball court on the side.

Siena practiced some gymnastics moves on their lush lawn.

Then it was time to go home.  

We'll be back!


1998 - 10/11/12

It's a bad day when you back out of your garage and run over your kitty.

I think what happened was I opened the garage door to go to work and got in my car.  Kneadermeier was outside and must have heard the garage door opening.  I think she ran in just as I was backing out so I never saw her.

Needless to say it was not a great day.

She was a good kitty and will be missed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Horseback Riding

One of our favorite things to do is horseback ride, as you've probably guessed.  Yesterday we started out with Siena on Flora with Carli leading.

Here we are wrapping the stirrup leathers until they were short enough to get a foot in (five wraps!).

Happy rider.

She enjoyed going around.

But she wasn't real crazy about going over the "jumps".

Not such a happy face!

Then Carli got on Flora while I took action photos! (Note I always encourage and recommend wearing a helmet!)

Flora is such a good little pony.  

 She went over all the stadium jumps like a real trooper.  

Then it was time to get on Star.  And of course I made Carli go over all the cross country jumps so I could get more action photos.

Yes, from all angles!!

This was the flat topped coop.  The last time I went over it with Star I was going at this same side (slightly up hill) and failed to push her hard enough.  So she didn't have enough impulsion and ended up dragging her back feet over and kind of tearing one side down.  

So I made sure to let Carli know to push her on to this jump and they cleared it nicely.

 Carli sure looks like she knows what she's doing.

And then there's Wil...