Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Horseback Riding

One of our favorite things to do is horseback ride, as you've probably guessed.  Yesterday we started out with Siena on Flora with Carli leading.

Here we are wrapping the stirrup leathers until they were short enough to get a foot in (five wraps!).

Happy rider.

She enjoyed going around.

But she wasn't real crazy about going over the "jumps".

Not such a happy face!

Then Carli got on Flora while I took action photos! (Note I always encourage and recommend wearing a helmet!)

Flora is such a good little pony.  

 She went over all the stadium jumps like a real trooper.  

Then it was time to get on Star.  And of course I made Carli go over all the cross country jumps so I could get more action photos.

Yes, from all angles!!

This was the flat topped coop.  The last time I went over it with Star I was going at this same side (slightly up hill) and failed to push her hard enough.  So she didn't have enough impulsion and ended up dragging her back feet over and kind of tearing one side down.  

So I made sure to let Carli know to push her on to this jump and they cleared it nicely.

 Carli sure looks like she knows what she's doing.

And then there's Wil...


Anonymous said...

Looks like the ladies all had a great day, and that is a too cute picture of Wil!

Anonymous said...

Carli is a natural, just like her mom!