Thursday, October 18, 2012

With The Kids: Crooked River Gorge And Maragas Winery

Last week when the kids were still here we took them to see the Crooked River Gorge and then the only winery in the area, the Maragas winery.  

First we put Sadi, the "boxstiff" in her kennel for while we were away. She is used to being in her kennel and it is a good thing because she is very active and we would probably return to a destroyed interior if we left her out!

First stop was the Gorge.  You've seen these before.  But it really is awe striking when you are there in person!  

Here we are:  me, Si, Carli, and Josh.  Hubby was taking the picture.

My cutie!

Then it was off to the Maragas Winery, the only winery in the area.  

We went into the tasting room and ended up buying some wine.  Then we sat out back and shared a bottle on the patio.  

They have a very nice lawn area with a bocce ball court on the side.

Siena practiced some gymnastics moves on their lush lawn.

Then it was time to go home.  

We'll be back!


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Anonymous said...

????????? What the .......
is comment #1 :0)
ANYWAY, such beautiful pictures, you never mentioned if the wine was good? Did your men go out hunting again, I know that is a short window.
I bet your weather is starting to turn now, and you are into your nice pile of wood!!

tina f. said...

Yah, maybe hand written (as opposed to automaton) spam?? Anyway, we are into the wood now, the guys didn't get any deer ☹ though they did see a few in the distance! The colors of the deciduous trees are gorgeous now. I did mention that we'd be back to the winery!!!