Sunday, April 1, 2012


Last week our friends from Roseburg came over to visit us for a few days. They brought their powerwasher so we could wash the deck in preparation to be sealed/stained when the weather gets a little more steady.

We took advantage of a break in the weather to take care of business.

And since we had it here we washed the outside furniture.
Then we had a great surprise. Our daughter and granddaughter showed up!
She loves Kneadermeier!
Our friends brought their two extremely well behaved dogs. Two chocolate labs, Sarge with the blue collar, and Molly with the pink collar.
Carli brought her roommate's new puppy, Sadi. We decided she's a boxstiff.
She's typical puppy: very active!
Here are the girls taking the tractor for a spin.

All too soon our Roseburg friends had to return. The next day (Saturday) we got a really good snow.

Two friends on the deck.
As is typical lately around here, by evening the snowman was fast losing his battle with the "heat". First he lost his eyes, then nose, the his head fell off! Sunday morning he was just a small pile of snow.
And sadly again, the kids took off for home on Sunday morning.

It was a great visit with family and friends, though it was far too short! I am expecting another visitor in about a week, and in May my daughter is going to hopefully come up again and I'm tentatively expecting another friend as she passes through.

So for the time being I have something to look forward to while we wait for spring/summer.

(PS-Thanks to our friend who took some of these pictures. His are the ones with the date on the lower right corner.)


Anonymous said...

Love it, Love it, Love it all! Your "hubby" can be spotted in the background. I see my beautiful niece and grandniece. The powerwashing looks successful on the amazing deck surrounding an absolutely fabulous place that must be visited by your olde' sister and enterouge sometime. Are you guys zillionaires? A tractor, all that land, friends with powerwashers. Sweet animals galore? Ah, Tina, you are blessed! : )

Anonymous said...

PS: Blessed, most assuredly with family. BUT, noticeably missing from all, is ... YOU!

Missing you,

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love power washers! I have borrowed them a couple of times, ours was loud, but it worked great, I could clean our 'tupperware' house!
Yeah, pictures of the girls!! They look so happy! Glad you had such a fun time. I am hoping you are right its a boxstiff not a pitstiff. :0)