Monday, April 2, 2012

First Kill And A Blankie

We have an abundance of these little gopher-like creatures around here that are sometimes called sage rats by the natives. They look like a cross between a gopher and a giant chipmunk and they are just as pesky with all their hole digging. We think their real name is "belding ground squirrel".

Today one of them had the misfortune to poke around above ground for a while. It was just long enough for Hubby to grab his .22 rifle and plug it.
Here's one of the holes they make. The holes are everywhere.
"Planting" the little bugger back in his hole. Maybe this will send a message to the others to clear out.
And in other exciting news...

I had wanted to make a fleece blanket for my son and finally got the material. Then my rotary cutter needed a new blade so I got one today. Amazing how nice it is to have equipment that works properly!

Once I got started it only took about an hour to get everything cut out and then tied together. I set it on the back of the sofa and Ollie decided she had to test it. She likes it.
Now to find a box and ship it off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can I see you two out on the property this summer in folding chairs with a cocktail, a gun and binoculars!!
Now thats entertainment! I am sure word is getting around in the burrow, not to mess with you!!
I think you need to make your son another blanket, that one looks claimed!!