Saturday, April 14, 2012

Truck O' Trees!

The weather today was absolutely beautiful. We've been talking about getting various fruit trees and some other trees and plants. Today was the day. We got a truck load!
Some of the other plants we got.
I was so excited! The weather was just georgeous and I really hope it stays good for a while. We were at Home Depot last weekend and I asked about lavendar and the guy said it was still too early for this area. But today they had some and I snatched up a whole tray.

Here are the trees we got (if I remember them all): 4 arbor vitae (hope the deer don't kill them!!); a sugar maple (I am going to attempt to make my own maple syrup--ha ha!); 5 aspen trees (to make a pretty little "grove"); a pretty espaliered 4-in-one apple (sorry I don't have the tag to tell you what varieties); a Rainier cherry (super sweet and delicious). We didn't get the pollinator for the cherry yet. That's because the tag recommended a Tartarian and the store didn't have one. I found out after I got home we could have gotten one of the other cherry trees they had (I think it was a Van). Well, next time we go to Redmond...
The other plants we got were 4 different roses (they were on 50% off sale); the lavendar; red and white potatoes; rosemary; thyme; tomatoes; and a strawberry.
I'll get into the details of the varieties of everything when we get around to planting.

I think I've just about made up my mind to turn what I was going to make a tack room into an orangery. The shop is plenty big enough that I could actually make a couple of walls to make a tack room in there. That should be easy enough to do.

Now to start working on plans for the orangery...

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Anonymous said...

You realize I had to google that! Greenhouse I have heard of Orangery???
Will your fruit orchard have to all be deer proofed? Or will all your new plants have to have chicken wire around them until they get bigger??
Your weather looks beautiful! Today is our first rain free day, so tomorrow I plan to mow and perhaps put some flowers in too, my plants are all to little still, so maybe in a month!
Happy planting!!