Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aspen, Pear, And Apples Planted

This morning I smoothed the area where I wanted to put the quaking aspen trees.
It was pretty rough from digging out the larger clumps of sage brush with the backhoe.  This was before we got the brush hog.  I think I figured out the trick to getting everything fairly level.  As my husband said, "You went over it about a thousand times."  Yes, I did go over and over this small area for about 45 minutes.  But it worked and now it's all smoothed out and level.  No more fox holes to trip in.
I know it's kind of hard to see but the five aspens have been planted. (Click on the picture to enlarge.)  If all goes well then we can get more to plant here next year.   
Another view.
Then we moved on to planting the fruit trees.  We decided to keep them inside the fenced area.  In the corner is the Red D'anjou pear and on the side is the "four-in-one" espaliered apple.  While we were planting I noticed the four-in-one is actually a six-in-one.  The varieties are all semi dwarf of:  Jonagold; Gravenstein; Braeburn; Macintosh; Gala; and Fuji.
We still have the two cherries to plant and the maple tree.

That will be another day.

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