Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shaved: Grass & Cat

First thing this morning I took Ollie in to get shaved of her knotted and felted fur. I would have done it last year so it wouldn't have been so bad this year, but as you probably know circumstances just didn't allow it to happen.

Anyhow, then I went home and we waited for a delivery from the Kubota dealership in Redmond. Just before noon the driveway alarm went off and it was our delivery. Hubby had talked to the owner of the dealership yesterday inquiring about renting a mower. They have been thinking of renting implements but still haven't gotten to that point. Instead he showed Hubby a used brush hog and said we could use it and if we liked it he would sell it to us, otherwise just let him know and he would pick it up.

Kind of hard to pass up a deal like that.

The delivery guy (also one of their mechanics) showed us how to hook it up and how to operate it. Then it was time to go to work. Today he mowed the section north of the house.

The finished area. I love it! Next we will grade it smooth with the scraper and probably throw some sort of grass seed out.
I have an area in mind for an arena and that will be next.

Here is poor Ollie with her new 'do. She was done a little later in the day so she is still quite groggy even as I'm typing now. She may be unhappy about the manhandling and going to the vet but she has got to be more comfortable without the knots pulling at her skin now.
And finally today Hubby saw a new bird at the feeder. This is a Brown-Headed Cowbird.
It got a little drizzly this afternoon but I'm still resisting starting to paint the purple wall. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Is that your birdhouse out in the field?
It looks great, I hope a used 'hog' costs a LOT less, I can see you using this all the time! Do you think breathing the kicked up weeds got you dizzy?? Take it easy!!