Monday, April 16, 2012

Clearing And Burning

Today we worked on clearing the strip on the east side of the house between the driveway and the fence line. That's where we want to start our aspen grove.

We had pulled some of the juniper and sage brush and piled it up yesterday. Today was a great day for burning the pile as it was off and on ever so slightly drizzly.
When I finished doing the dishes I went outside to help. While I tended the fire Hubby used the backhoe to dig out the shrubs. Then I would grab them and put them on the fire. In this picture you can see we made some progress today.
I'm thinking I'll be sleeping fairly well tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Love seeing the before and after pictures! I hope you are doing that with all your rooms and outside, what a fun album that would be fun to go through! The changes you two have done have all been so wonderful.
Fruit tree's something I have always wanted, just no room.
Hope you two aren't too sore!!