Friday, April 27, 2012

Danger Of Wind Change During Slash Pile Burning

Today Hubby wanted to remove the stumps from the arena.  I think he just wanted to play with the back hoe.  In any case it fell upon me to burn the slash piles.

It was going just dandy when the wind came up and the fire went sideways.  I jumped over to put out the ground fire that was starting to slowly spread across the brush hog chopped sage before it could get out of control when the wind shifted again.  This time it blew the fire right at me and I got a close dose of fire.  I even heard the sizzling!
Hair trimming by fire.  Not recommended.
Facial hair removal by fire.
Not recommended.
That was a little close!


Kathy said...

Oh geez! Glad you are OK.....scary!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! One lucky lady!! I can't believe your eyelashes!!
Did you stop, drop and roll!!! You be careful!!
DId you two decide you are going to keep the Brush hog? I think you will sure use it a lot! After seeing the fire I hope you have a HUGE area around the house that is clear so fire can't come near! I do remember being up in S'river in summer w/ the lightning strike fires, you sure have to be prepared for that don't you!

Anonymous said...

Girlie, that is a little too close for comfort! Love you and take care of yourself and hubby!