Saturday, April 21, 2012

Planting Flowers And Making An Arena

Today I finally got to planting my roses and lavender.  First I had to rototill the area I had in mind for them.
Rototilling:  done.
Time to start raking and planting.
While I was planting and raking Hubby was trimming the large juniper.
My planting is done.  Kind of hard to see here because everything is so little yet.
A little better view.  I planted English lavender (supposed to be frost hardy); the roses are from nearest to furthest (I know you can't tell now anyway...) Sheer Bliss, Double Delight, Angel Face, and Snow Fire. And along the fence line I planted two types of Dahlias:  Spassmacher and Witteman's Best.  They were in a bag of ten from Costco that our last visitors brought for me.
After lunch and a nap I went out and flagged the area I had in mind for an arena.  Then Hubby told me to go get a take and bake pizza for dinner.  When I got back he was almost finished!

On this picture you can see my flags on the trees to the right.
Almost done.
Of course then I noticed I had put a big dent in one corner so I had to run out and change the flags to make it more square and not so trapezoidal shaped.

There is still quite a bit to do before it will be rideable.  Most (but not all) of the trees in the area will be removed.  The trees that are to remain will be limbed up to look more attractive.  And of course the ground needs to be tilled and smoothed.

I guess in about 2 years the flowers along the fence will look half way decent.  Hopefully it won't take that long to get the arena in shape.


Anonymous said...

Look out, Starr, you are in for some work once the arena gets finished!

Kathy said...

Love all the work you are getting done! Good job!

Anonymous said...

You two work so well together! I hope it was a surprise to have him working out there while you were gone!
I was reading a Country Home magazine last night and thought of you: "Lavender, grind the buds into a powder and mix 1 T. into 2 c. of superfine sugar for a fragrant flavor booster for everything from lemonade to whip cream."