Friday, June 3, 2011

Smith Rock State Park

We went to Smith Rock State Park today. It is a rustically beautiful park just outside of Terrebonne, OR. There is no camping allowed as it is a day park only ($5.00 fee). There are some equestrian accessible trails and dogs are allowed, on leash only, please.

The Crooked River runs through the area. We saw geese, ducks, and snakes. We went what I can only guess is early in the season and even though school is just out there were quite a few people there.

Surprisingly, to me anyway, the park allows cliff climbing and there were people doing just that. There was even a group of young teens or pre-teens getting ready to go on a climb.

We went to the farthest parking lot and this was the scene.

My husband got brave and stepped out onto the edge. My hands got sweaty just watching him so I stayed back, held the dogs' leashes and took a few pictures. After a few minutes I yelled at him to get back because I was just getting too nervous!
Check out the little guy that kept him company on the edge (right behind his right leg).
This is looking down!
On the way down to the river we passed this tree with "flowers".

These "caves" were all over the cliff sides. This one just happened to be next to the trail.

Notice the "balancing" rock in the middle.

And look in the middle of this picture.
A climber. We saw three groups of climbers today!
We just went on a small hike today. Obviously much easier going down than coming back up!

Sure glad we didn't have to go up on the cliff face!