Sunday, April 15, 2012

Starting On The Trees

Originally Hubby wanted to plant the arborvitae (I think I misspelled it yesterday) on either side of the big gate to the new fence. I thought when he said "the gate" he meant to gate at the top of the driveway, near the street.

After we got home he realized the giant juniper near the corner was not where he thought it was and it was going to interfere with his vision of how he wanted the trees to be. I didn't like that location anyway because it would shade the fenced yard too much, and that's where he wanted to plant the fruit trees.
Since his original plan wasn't going to work out I suggested planting the trees on the other side. That way they wouldn't block the sun to the fruit trees.
According to the tag these are emerald green arborvitae smaragd, Thuja occidentalis. I'm afraid that's all Latin to me. These should work well for us as they have a hardiness to -30°. The tag says they mature at 12-15' and 36-48" wide.
I wanted to be able to rototill between the trees and the fence so we planted them a bit off the fence line. For some reason they don't look properly spaced here. Maybe because they aren't? Oh well, they're good enough.
Then we started on the area where I want to plant the aspens. It's all full of juniper and sage brush garbage.
It's not done but it's been started. In this picture the area we started clearing is not in the foreground but the area beyond the big juniper. The clear area in the foreground is actually the driveway that goes to the gate to the big area on our east side (where Hubby climbed the hill).
Earlier today we went back to Redmond to get paint for the remaining purple eggplant wall. While we were there we looked for a pollinator for the Rainier cherry tree and found the tag-recommended black tartarian up against a fence behind the register. I also forgot to mention that we got a red d'anjou pear yesterday along with all the other trees.

I'm not sure how much we'll get done tomorrow because I think it's supposed to rain. If it does rain then I guess we can get started on the purple wall!

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