Friday, April 6, 2012

Wild Life

The week started out nice and chilly. Isn't it supposed to be spring?
It melted and snowed off and on.

On a trip back from the grocery shopping we passed this field. It's kind of hard to see but there are about 30 elk in there! I took this with my phone and can't blow it up any more or the picture would be all fuzzy. Click on the picture to make it a little bigger and easier to see the elk.
Yesterday and today we had some deer wandering through. (Picture taken through the window.)

And now that we've filled the bird feeder and put it out on the deck rail we've had lots of little visiting wild finches and sparrows.

Happy Good Friday!


Anonymous said...

Pretty Pretty Pretty!!! I love the pictures of your wildlife, I prefer them still breathing! How fun to look out and see deer, that was always so exciting to see at Sunriver!

Cheryl said...

I love seeing all the pics of your little slice of heaven. The country and wildlife are just beautiful.