Friday, April 20, 2012

The One That Got Away

I forgot to tell a funny story yesterday.  Sadly, it happened so fast by the time I thought to get my camera out it was too late!

Here's what happened...

When Hubby mowed the brush the other day he went over a couple of prairie rat compounds hidden by the weeds.  Apparently this frightened and confused at least one of the little creatures.  When the mowing was all done he took the dogs out to show them the new field.  

The dogs loved it and were running around.  Then it was time to go in and when Hubby whistled for the dogs to rally he saw Gus dart down and grab something in his mouth.  Then he sprinted for the front door.  Just as Hubby opened the door Gus dropped his "prize" and pranced inside the house, so proud of himself.  At that same moment Hubby saw something dart behind the wood box.

We both went out and saw the trembling creature between the woodbox and the wall.  It was a little prairie rat.  We finally managed to get it out but then it went darting around the corner and down the deck towards the back.  We ran after it and found it under the bbq.

Then we managed to get it out from under the bbq when it suddenly made a beeline for the edge of the deck and it did a lemming imitation.  It went sailing about 12 feet to the ground below.  We rushed to the rail and saw it take off for the far beyond, aka across the driveway into the unmowed area.

Unfortunately I don't have the photographic proof, so you'll have to trust me.  We giggled all night about it.

Well, maybe you just had to be here, but it sure was funny at the time! 

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