Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cherries Planted & Some Extra

We planted the final two fruit trees today.  This one is the Black Tartarian Cherry.
This is the Rainier Cherry.  I really hope these cherries grow well. Rainiers are like eating candy!
That leaves just the Sugar Maple left to plant.  I'm still not 100% sure where I want to put it.  The place I have in mind (where my trail splits at the loop) means I will probably have to put a deer protection fence around it until it gets big enough.  

And so it is still in the pot (in the background of the first picture) while I try to make up my mind.  That was the extent of our outside work today because it was significantly cooler and windier.

A good day to make bread!  (This is Farmhouse White Bread from the Farmgirl Fare blog.) 
And lest you think we're all work and no play here's Star and me out having a little fun last Sunday!

As I sit here writing this the clouds have opened and it is now pouring rain.  The weather looks to be improving by the weekend so we'll be able to get back outside soon.


Kathy said...

The trees look great! Your property is really looking good!
We are in Bako and are also having rain....and lightening! I just can't get away from it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed any bees in the neighborhood? If not, you might need another activity to keep you buzzzzy!