Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kids Are Here

Carli, Josh, and Siena got here early Monday morning for a week long visit.  They arrived very early in the morning and everybody slept for a few hours.  Then later in the day we took a little drive to the Bowman Dam area and had a little picnic at one of the camping areas just below the dam on the Crooked River.

 Crackers, cheese, salami, and Scottish shortbread for desert.


Later on I got a pumpkin and the girls carved it.

It's a little early for Halloween but they are only here for a week.

Looking good!


Anonymous said...

"Yummy" picture is just too cute, she is getting so big! I sure hope you all have such a wonderful week!!
Never really got to talk to you, was hoping you would come over for a bit to our house, we left right after you, but I know you had something so fun to get back to the next day!!
Kisses to all!!

Kathy said...

I love your jack-o-lantern!!
Enjoy their visit!