Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh, Deer! Where Are You?

The guys left Friday afternoon to spend the night in the woods.  Their idea was to get as early a start as possible for the opening of deer season.

They found a nice area to set up camp.

The "two man" tent wasn't really big enough for these two men, so they set up the tarp over the back of the truck for the second bedroom.  :-)

They had a good time but the most they saw was a couple other hunters in the distance.  So they came home Saturday afternoon. They'll try again later. 

Meanwhile I had asked Wil what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday on Sunday and he said one of those kind of cakes we used to buy in Bakersfield from Albertson's. I think they called it a Strawberry Boston.  You've probably seen them in your Vons/Safeway/Albertson's/etc bakery department.  It's a white cake with vanilla pudding between the layers and whipped cream and glazed strawberries on top.

I went to a couple of grocery stores and their fresh strawberries looked awful. I made a homemade white cake and I thought I might be able to make some sort of concoction to put on top and hold it in with the whipped cream. 

Well...  Okay, it didn't turn out how I had hoped or imagined, but it still tasted wonderful.

Remember, I've never claimed to be a great cake maker!  

Yes, my cakes don't look pretty, but at least they taste pretty good.



Anonymous said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for a nice piece of that cake! I think it looks beautiful, that nice glaze on the plate looks pretty, just scoop some on my plate!!
How nice that Hubby takes nice pictures for you! And the box of medicinal Franzia, smart packing!!
Hope son has a HAPPY HAPPY day!
Love and kisses to all, see you in 5 days!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, nephew!
That cake looks yummy!

Kathy said...

Yum!! The cake looks amazing!!
Hope Will had a great birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I am from Bakersfield too. From there we moved to Or. also. Are you following me?? :)

You mentioned Smith's Bakery and their awesome cookies. Have you tried and or tried to make their Champagne Cake?

tina f. said...

To the other Bakersfield person. Apparently there are a whole bunch of us former Bakersfieldians (??) here in OR!! And no, I have not yet tried to make the champagne cake, but that does sound good. BTW what part of OR are you in now?

Anonymous said...

From The other Bakersfieldian. :)

We live in the Grants Pass-Medford area. But wayyyy out of town. Southern Oregon is the quick answer. My family from Bakersfield said we would be back; but we have been here over ten years and love living in the woods on a mountain where it gets cool every night. No more $300.00 PG&E bills... :)

Do miss Smith's, though my waistline does not.

Would love a recipe for the Champagne cake. I am going to try your cookie recipe very soon.