Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Painting Again And Happy News

These couple of days off I decided to get cracking on the painting again.  This time it was time to tackle the stair case walls and the office area.  First the purple stair case wall.

This is two coats of primer. I'll see what it looks like tomorrow to see if it needs one more primer coat or if I can just go ahead and put the color on.

Such an improvement already!  I would like to get some sort of new sconces too.  The ones there are cheap looking and look like they've been painted over.  Ugh!

My happy news is after a horrible weekend at work, on Monday I was informed that I am now a permanent part-timer!  YAY!  I wonder if the fact that one guy quit, one guy was either fired or quit, another guy was fired, and a girl quit has anything to do with me finally getting on as a permanent employee.  I'm sorry for those other people but I'm not going to turn it down.  I need to work for about four more years or so (unless I hit the Lotto just right! LOL). 

And today our son had two interviews for jobs.  Both had very positive outcomes, with one calling for a second interview in a couple of days and the other waiting on the drug test.  Now to just figure out which position to go for...  


Kathy said...

Yea!! Good news all around!!
We are still painting the potting shed......going to start on the door tomorrow....ready for this to be done! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and pray for good outcomes for him. I still have to paint the facia boards on my house... they're really peely and need to get done.
love ya!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am sure you were the best!! Those others just couldn't cut it!! I will be looking for blog #2 to have MORE good news!!
I am thinking about retiring soon, but I will have to get some "fun" part time work too, think I have just done my job a bit too long, this is lucky 25! Perhaps I might try Home Depot or OSH too!!!