Monday, September 17, 2012

Visit To GaGa's With Smoked White Fish

As I mentioned yesterday we went for a visit to my MIL's house.  She mentioned the trees had been sprayed and it looked like some of the spray got on the window.  So Hubby and son went on the roof to try and clean it off.

At least make them useful while they are here!

One to do the work, one to supervise.  As it turned out, the windows are old and apparently the seal must have loosened somewhere because the condensation is between the panes.  We found some of the other windows in the house had the same problem.

After checking the windows and before dinner we had a snack of smoked white fish.  I used to have this fairly frequently when I was younger and I just love it.  White fish are usually considered a "trash" fish and a lot of people just throw them back in the water after catching them.  

When I found out the Crooked River has a lot of white fish I told my husband to keep them and we would try to smoke them.  As you can see they turned out beautifully and I can tell you they are delicious!  If you've never had smoked white fish they are kind of oily, like a salmon, which keeps them tender and moist.  If you are careful you can flake the meat right off without the bones.  

No more throwing the white fish back into the river!  (PS-The old folks are doing great.)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Thank you for the report! And I did not see ropes tied around either of the window washers!! How nice to have semi-clean windows. Or front window has a bit of a 'haze' in it too. The fish reminds me a little of those Kipper snacks that I love! Looks like you did a beautiful job smoking them!! Add it to your list of things you could sell at a Farmers Market!!