Thursday, October 30, 2008

So Much For Plans

It's time to repaint the wrought iron portion of our backyard fence. This is a little job that as anyone who has such a fence knows needs to be done every few years. Little bits of flaking paint and spots of rust are peaking through. It's time.

To make the job a little easier I got a wire brush attachment for my our grinder. Actually I'm not sure if it does make it any easier, but I always think it's more fun when power tools are involved!

I decided to do one section at a time and last night I got the little gate and one section of fence wire brushed. It got too late to paint so I decided to paint that section today.

It seemed like a normal day when I got up and I was quite skeptical when I heard on the news that a good wind was expected to be blowing through today. A couple hours later I heard my new wind chime tinkling and thought it odd. It would take quite a wind to make that one chime because of its location. When I looked out the window I was very surprised to see that I almost couldn't see anything for the blowing dust.

From the pond area looking west...

...and looking east.

Flora trying to eat her hay before it blows away.

The debris that's blown into the sheep pen.

Here you can kind of see the wind blowing the (empty) bird feeder and the trees in the background. My tinkling wind chime is to the right of the bird feeder.

From what I gathered it's going to blow most of the day. And later this week there's supposed to be a chance of some showers.

So much for my fence painting plans.


Anonymous said...

I'd call that perfect timing!!

Anonymous said...

Me too - perfect timing, lol.