Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nothing Happening

Just to let you all know, I probably won't be posting anything much. Nothing much has been happening and I don't want to post frivolous entries just for the sake of posting something.

So far this adventure has been like a roller coaster of emotions. Excited, anxious, disappointed, hopeful, irritated, and on and on.

So the short of it is don't expect to see much here until we get an accepted offer on something or we decide to try another area.

Kinda how I'm feeling right now:


I know it will get better eventually. It's the "unknown" and the "waiting until" that is particularly difficult.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping you 2 are getting 'away' for some
fun every once in awhile to keep your spirits up!

Anonymous said...


Love, M

Cheryl said...

Sorry for the disappointments, I know there will be something wonderful for you--it just needs to be at the right time. Maybe we can get together again when we come up in early August. Cheryl