Saturday, January 18, 2014

Building A Bank

We aren't building the kind of bank where you can cash your checks. This is in our little arena and we are building a bank jump. That's like a step up or step down (or jump up/down, if you will) depending on the direction you are going. 

This jump is costing us less than I originally figured because we are using trees we harvested off our property. So what I ended up buying was the lag screws to hold the cross pieces...

...and the long drill bit to drill the pilot holes. Oh yeah, and the kit of sockets to fit over the lag screws to be able to drill them in.

When we need more lumber we go out and cut a tree down!

Dragging it to the work site.

Splitting the log.


Dragging another log out.

The basic form is done. 

The uphill side.

Since I've had my two big horse accidents where I broke a collarbone per, plus being older now, I was satisfied with the 20" height. 

All we have to do now is cover the gaps with scrap wood and then start filling with dirt. I'm not sure when that will happen, as it depends on how the weather is on my next days off. But that will be fun because I'll be able to use the air compressor I got for Christmas and the nail gun I got for my anniversary!

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Anonymous said...

Do you people never just rest? Nope! How fun to have all your own arena! love the pictures of all the work going on too. Can't wait to see what you ask for on Mother's Day :0) Your work room must be pretty well stocked now. I do love having an air compressor though, even for simple stuff like blowing dust off of the lampshades.
Be safe riding!