Sunday, February 9, 2014


The last couple of days it's been nonstop snowing. This is from the day right before. The valley below is covered with a low bank of clouds. 

On Thursday afternoon I went in to work. It wasn't too bad then but about thirty minutes after I got to work the snow started coming down. Hard. I was there for about an hour and 45 minutes when my head cashier approached and asked if I wanted to go home. I'll rarely turn down an offer like that. And considering the looks of the snow storm I thought maybe I'd better head on home in the daylight. It was only going to get worse. 

The bad thing is of course I don't get paid when I'm not there, but I had been called in a few hours early just a few days before. I figured it was a wash. The good news was I wasn't scheduled to work for the next two days when the worst of the storm hit. I found out later that more than half the people didn't come in to work. A few were sick but most were snowed in.

Here's Clyde checking out the snow on Friday night. 

The deck and rail had been cleared of snow earlier. Then we got more. 

There's about six inches on the rail here.

Clyde shaking off the snow.

This was this morning. 

The roads were pretty full of snow this morning and I had to try twice to get out of the driveway. On the way home it was a little clearer but there were slushy and icy spots. Hubby tried clearing a bit today so hopefully when I leave for work early tomorrow morning I'll be able to get out without too much trouble.

I thought I had posted this before I went to work but when I checked it tonight it hadn't posted and half the content was gone. Grrrr! Oh well. Hope this time it works.


Kathy Haskins said...

Crazy!! We have been so warm......upper 50s and sunny, but Eugene got over 12" of snow! Seriously crazy weather this year.

Anonymous said...

Can you use the tractor to clear your long driveway?
I know it must be hard to actually live in it, but I sure love seeing the pictures from your home and Nancy's too, so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's time to post again!,