Sunday, April 20, 2014


I believe it wasn't all that long ago I mentioned I was starting to get a bunch of eggs every day. Despite my friend from work's assurances that he would take all the eggs I could give him, when I asked him recently if he was ready for yet another batch he admitted that he couldn't keep up.

This is what we have to date:

In a bowl...

Three 18 packs full...

Leftover from yesterday's gathering after breakfast this morning...

Since it's Easter today and I was fortunate enough to be scheduled off for the day, I decided to bake some sort of sweet egg bread. I started my Google search with "egg bread" and after a bit I found "challah" and decided to go with that.

I'm not going to post the recipe here but if you are interested I used Smitten Kitchen's recipe (click here). It was easy and didn't take all day.

Here are my results.  Two loaves, the first a regular three braid. Kind of boring looking, in my opinion.

The second was a six braid, more interesting but next time I'll make it a bit prettier.

And in case you were wondering it really tastes good, too. If you like Hawaiian bread you'll like this bread.

I will use the bread not only as bread, but for French toast and bread pudding. 

Happy Easter!!

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Anonymous said...

That last picture the texture of the bread looks beautiful, I will look this recipe up on that site!
Our you two just deviled egg, scrambled, rellenos,
souffled, meringue'd, pavlova'd, scotch egg'd & custard out?? :0)
Hope you had a wonderful day off and a Happy
Easter too!!