Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Horse

Last week my daughter texted me and asked if I would go to Medford to pick up a horse she found on-line. He looked nice in the photos and she had been talking with the owner and decided she wanted him.

We made arrangements to spend one night with our friends in Roseburg and took off the next morning for Medford to see the horse. When we got there he was in a field with some cows and when I went to get him he trotted straight up to the gate. I haltered him and took him out.

As we were talking with the owner I gave him a cursory look over and picked up his feet. The feet were a little rough but not too bad. At least he picked his feet up right away with no problem. He seemed very sweet.

Then we tried to load him. 

Umm, I thought he loaded easily???  NOT.

A cowboy at the training stable tried to give us a hand but I sensed his frustration after about 20 minutes of fruitless attempts. Then someone suggested backing the trailer to the opening of the indoor arena, so the only place he could go would be into the trailer. At least that was the theory.

I tried to walk him in twice with no go. On the third try I muttered to myself (and to the horse) "If you don't go in this time you are staying here."  

He walked right in like it was no big deal.

The ride home was uneventful.

Here is the new horse in the third pen, next to the two mares' pen.

Not the best head shot. His eyes really aren't crooked.

He has no problem with the dog.

After giving him a week to settle in I decided to take him for a little ride.

He was very good. 

One thing is certain and that is it's time for me to start exercising again.



Anonymous said...

Does this mean they are moving to Oregon? Or will she take the new one back with her one day?
Does he have a name??

tina f. said...

She's coming up for two weeks at the end of July, beginning of August. She'll be bringing him home with her. His name is Taz, allegedly short for his registered name which has "Tarzan" in it.