Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lake In The Woods

We were going to see Hemlock Lake for our next day trip. It would be just over an hour away. On the way we passed by this mama deer and her very new baby. Of course they didn’t want to wait until I got the camera out and ready for their glamour shot.

The best I could do was an enlargement of the photo I was able to snap. You can barely make out the baby fawn in the lower left quadrant while Mama Doe watches warily.

We did find Hemlock Lake but to be honest it was a bit of a disappointment. The first road we took was to the boat ramp and there was a small picnic area to the front. It was unfortunate that somebody had been there prior and left a bag of garbage on a table. I guess they missed the "pack it in, pack it out" sign. And they left their camp fire smoldering. There was smoke still coming up. I guess they never learned about "dead out". 

Then we left that part and went to investigate the other side. There were a lot of people on that side. It looked like a big family group with lots of kids. Well, that's not what I had in mind for the day. Sadly there were only two apparent sides where the lake was accessible. The rest was all overgrown.

We decided to forego this lake and go explore a smaller lake we passed on the way up, called Lake In The Woods.

Lake In The Woods is a tiny lake with very nice campsites around the edge. It seemed quieter and we decided to have our lunch there.

The setting could not have been nicer. The weather was perfect, the campsites were not too close to each other and there was no trash around.

We had a nice lunch and started heading for home. On the road home we saw a ruffed grouse. Right in the middle of this photo.

Above photo is enlarged so you can see her better.

And here is one of her babies climbing up the tree branch.

A little blurry but there it is in the middle!

This gorgeous waterfall was just on the side of the road.

A small landslide we had to go around! I think it's been there for a while because there are cautionary signs in either direction.

Good thing this isn't a busy road!

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