Thursday, September 10, 2015

Grouse Parmesan

September 1 was opening day of grouse hunting. Hubby and his friend went to one of the areas where we had seen some grouse on one of our little day trips.

They returned home with two birds in hand. Though hubby shot at one he missed and our friend got two. He generously let us keep the birds as he was under strict orders from his wife to not bring anything home. I think it's something to do with her preferring to get her meat from the store prewrapped in cellophane??

We had been watching a Cook's Country cooking show and they were cooking a recipe they called "The Best Chicken Parmesan". We thought it would easily translate to the grouse, since the grouse is so very chicken-like.

I didn't write anything down and we kind of winged it (pardon the pun). I did refer to the website for a little refresher. If you want the exact recipe you can go to the Cook's Country website and do a search for "Best Chicken Parmesan". You will have to "join" but it's free and then you have access to all the delicious recipes and equipment reviews, etc.

We started off with the two breasts.

They were carefully deboned.

We got our breading station ready.  This is where it's a little different from the average parmesan recipe. There is a bowl of beaten eggs mixed with flour (rather than two separate bowls). The dry mixture consists of panko mixed with parmesan cheese.

First off, the meat is pounded to a uniform thickness, about 1/4" to 1/2". Just so long as they are fairly even. Lightly salt and pepper. Dip into the egg/flour mixture and then coat with the panko/parm mix.

Fry in medium-high heat til the pieces are golden brown.


Next get your topping ready. This is where we strayed a little from the original recipe. We used store bought sauce for simplicity. We chopped up mozzarella cheese sticks and havarti cheese slices and mixed them together. 

 Cheese gets piled on top and the tray is placed under the broiler...

...til the cheese is melty.

Top that with your heated sauce and enjoy!

The crust was crispy, the chicken grouse was tender, the cheese was melty and the whole thing was absolutely delicious.

Our friends' wife doesn't know what she is missing!!!


KB said...

I agree. So much better than store bought meat.

Anonymous said...

You just made my mouth water!!
When Nancy's kids were little, I went for a visit and Craig brought home a bunch
of grouse, Nancy cooked up a huge pile, fried breasts and YUM! To this day I always
say that was my favorite 'wild' meal!!
Yours looked delicious! That and America's Test Kitchen's are my favorite shows, I
cook a lot off those two.