Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Water Is Back

Thursday, as my son was flying over our house he texted me. "Ponds are filling up" he said. For us that is a big deal. When the ponds are full we feel like we own waterfront property.

I took a little walk that day just to verify, and sure enough water was slowly filling the furthest pond.

Part of my therapy involves walking every day, at least ten minutes. This is not only good for me as in exercise-wise, but it also helps relieve some of the residual gas pain that settled in my shoulder. (The gas they use to pump up the abdominal area for the laporoscopic operations--remember I had two in a week!)

There are five recharge ponds behind our house and yesterday the water was getting closer to entering "our" pond. On my forced march walk yesterday I brought the camera along to take some pictures.

This is where the water enters our pond from the next pond over. As you can see here it's still just a bit off.
Some seagulls have already found the water. Why do seagulls come so far inland anyway?
This is the pond directly north of our pond. It looks all marshy/swampy here. Wait a day or two and it will all pondy. (What??)
This is the weir. It is totally boarded up, most likely until the ponds are all full.
Here is the canal after the weir. Look how pretty the green grass is. It reminds me of velvet. Too bad it doesn't always look like this.
This morning I looked out and I can see our pond is now beginning to fill. The last time the ponds filled we were told it would be for about 6 weeks. It turned out to be less than 6 days. I sure hope it lasts a while longer this time!

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