Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sky On Fire

I had to get up earlier than usual this morning and this is what I saw.

The sun rose and lit the sky so it looked like it was on fire. "Red sky in the morning--sailor take warning" is how I remember that part of the adage. Well today's forecast calls for 30ยบ chance of showers.

The reason I was up so early was because the crazy cow Nora is back. When I had made the original breeding arrangements I told them if it didn't take they could bring her back for free (except for her feed). I also told them I didn't think it worked for several factors. One being that Nora was a fairly aggressive cow. I never saw her stand still long enough to be properly bred. And my dairyman friend said he noticed she had a very high tail-set, which long story short, in his business they get rid of those cows because they are too hard to get bred.

I told them if it didn't work and they wanted to bring her back I would recommend using Lutalyse, a drug that synchronizes estrous so you know the exact time to breed. I said they could give the first shot, then bring her back here just before the second shot is to be administered, which I could do, then count exactly 80 hours from the time of the second shot and that's when I would bring her to Dakota, tie her in a corner and let him have his way with her. (In fact my diary friend had suggested that to me the first time she was here.)

When I didn't hear from them after two months I contacted them and found out the breeding attempt(s) did not take. They said they were exploring other options.

Well, that's fine. The cow was a little nutty anyway.

Just a few weeks ago they contacted me saying they didn't realize how easy the Lutalyse would be to use. So, once again, long story short, Nora the Nut is back and I had to get up early this morning to give her the second shot. I gave the shot at 7am so I can put her in with Dakota at 3pm on Tuesday. Hopefully I counted right.

She will get picked up on Friday and I think my husband and I will be heading north on the following Saturday to bring some stuff up and look for a rental.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sunrise! Wow. Let's hope Nora cooperates this time. Have a great trip up to OR and I'm hoping you find something on this trip.

We are leaving today. Will be home 11/15. I go to Sacramento the following Fri-Mon then I hit the house hard! Today is one month to moving! c-r-a-p

When Mark and I return we hope to put an offer on a house we've been eyeing. We'll see it again that Tues and then make our move.

Take care!

~M~ said...

Wow. BEAUTIFUL pictures! It is so nice to hear everything is moving along smoothly. Hope things with Nora work out!


Anonymous said...

I concur with ~M~..."BEAUTIFUL pictures", and with LC - "Gorgeous sunrise! Wow." May LC,, have had a funtastic cruise and my their desired house be available to them.

May your trip up to OR have been perfect for you.