Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black Ornaments

Here's a funny little story.

The people moving into our house were enthusiastic about it from the moment they first started walking around looking at it. But according to them, what really sealed the deal was when he was walking out the front door, he looked to the right and saw the avacado tree.
And wouldn't you just know it, this year (I think it's the tree's third year) we have more avacadoes hanging on it than ever. I think we counted 16, more than double what we got last year!
They look like beautiful shiny black ornaments to me! And sadly no, I don't remember what variety they are...maybe Ignacio, or Northrup, or Walter Hole. I found this website that lists a BUNCH of different varieties of avacodoes. (Click on "varieties", then click on "variety list".) I can tell you the skins are very smooth, thin, obviously black ripe and unripe.

They are still hard to the touch but I think by the time we are moving out they will either be still not quite ripe (which is A-okay) or they will be ripe. Either way, we'll be taking them with us!

Well, maybe we'll leave the new people one or two... ☺


Anonymous said...

You can't pot that puppy and take it with you?? I would LOVE to have an avacado tree, plus some times around here the stores sell them for as low as $1/each, and I could eat one all by myself!
Are you packing yet??

Anonymous said...

I just got a Hass avocado at the nursery, along with a white fig, since my "connection" is leaving for northern territories.

~M~ said...

Oh, do try to take some seeds with you! This is an absolutely lovely plant! If I could grow them up here I think I would. Speaking of....hum...I wonder if they will grow in our zone. Probably not considering it is either freezing or just above freezing every night now. Burrr...:o)

Such a pretty plant!