Monday, March 28, 2011


Sunday we had breakfast with friends and then took a drive towards Eugene. I find it surprising that these daffodils seem to be just growing willy-nilly alongside the freeway, like some Johnny Appleseed Daffodil sprinkled the bulbs about.
Sorry about the quality of these photos. I did what I was told is a "no no" in my photography class: I took photos through the window of a moving vehicle.
But take my word for it, these are some sort of daffodils just growing wild on the side of I-5.

After showing me the tiny house where he used to live in Marcola when he was about 18, my husband and I then went to his sister's house and we had a nice visit with her and her son and daughter-in-law. We are sort of parallelling their lives right now in that they are living in a rental after having sold their home. Like us, they just purchased a lot, and where we are having a manufactured home put on our lot, they are building a "real" house.

As we left to go on our way back home we saw a couple of deer in the yard.

As I've told a few people we seem to be "moving at the speed of Oregon". Our contractor was to call the sellers to get permission to get his excavator on the property to check the spring. I think he was going to do that today, a relatively dry day, as he was concerned about making tracks through the hay meadow.

I'll be happy when escrow closes and we can actually start on the construction. And then I'm sure I won't be able to wait until it's all done and we are moved in...


~M~ said...

Great pictures, even the ones through the car window! :o)


Anonymous said...

Did the Marcola house look the same? I think they all
have lots of happy memories from there. I think the Oregon pace of life is a nice one!! I remember getting in line at a grocery store and the clerks actually look and talk to you!! Slow down and enjoy, I know, I know you will once you are looking out your windows on YOUR property!!

Anonymous said...

Oregon is beautiful.

Love, M