Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Possibility

Last week we drove to a property near Yoncalla to have a look-see. I had seen it on the internet before and when we finally were able to track an address down we actually went out twice and still couldn't find it. Then we got more detailed directions from the realtor and we headed out again.

It was funny because the pictures all show this huge meadow and the road to the property is down a road through a narrow canyon in a dense forest. The property is literally at the end of the road. Our problem on the prior searches was we didn't go far enough. We got to the "end of the road" and turned around.

Last week when we went looking "one more time" we followed the agents' instructions and went on through. We continued through the dense forest and suddenly broke out into a small valley.

Looking at the aerial below you can see the dirt road we came out on at the very top right. I'm still not adept at scanning with this computer so the photo isn't really oriented right, but you can see that north is pointing to the right.

There are several options on the property for sale in this valley, all being sold by one owner. They have about 160 acres for sale, available all together with a house for about $999,000. Another option is the house + 79 acres in the $650,000 range. A third option is the 80 acres to the north of the house for $400,000. And the final two options are the 80 acres split into 40. The western 40 is listed at $179,000 and the eastern 40 is listed at $259,900.

Oddly enough, about six months ago these last two were listed at $200,000 each. Apparently the owner is feeling the market out to see what will happen.

We are interested in the eastern 40 section. And I think looking at the photos you will see why. (It's the portion outlined in red in the aerial photo above.)

The east side is bordered by BLM (on the left in this photo) so at least we know that will never be logged.
The property is either currently or formerly a grass hay meadow. That would be good for me. Since I don't have a lot of animals to feed I could set aside just a few acres and grow my own hay. I'll just need to learn how to do that.
This is looking north from near the middle.

This picture is from the south east corner looking to the north west corner of the lot. You can see the tree bunch in the middle. I call it the "swirl" and if you look at the aerial you will understand why.

Driving back through a portion of Yoncalla is this interesting sight. Someone actually has a camel!
We are planning on looking at a property just to the south of Roseburg, hopefully tomorrow or at least some time this week. If that property doesn't pan out then we will most likely start making plans to make an offer on this property. One thing for sure is we won't be offering anything near what they're asking now. We know they haven't made any improvements since it was for sale before so it will be much closer to the original $200,000 mark.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful there! I do like your attitude, people will see that your not drooling for their land and perhaps take a lower price. Although these pictures sure get your mind starting to lay things out and plan...
the view from your kitchen, I want to wake up looking in that direction...
Happy thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful property!

It had been awhile since your last post -- good to have you blogging again.

Love, M

Anonymous said...

I hope this works out for you!

~M~ said...

What a stunning property! Beautiful! I can only imagine how quiet and peaceful it is! Fingers crossed this all works out! :o) Glad you got the house already picked out too!