Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crocheted Afghan

During the times I am sitting around the house doing nothing I thought I should be a little more productive. So I went to the Paton's yarn web site ( and looked up some patterns. The patterns are free to members and membership is free too.

I wanted to do something simple and chose this "Popcorn And Lace Afghan". I ended up using about twice the amount of yarn that's called for in the pattern, but then again I never check the tension and I just make it until it's as long as I want it to be.

You can see I made it big enough to cover the length of the sofa. Notice the lump on the top. That's Ollie. I wanted a picture of the afghan and spread it out over top of her. It didn't bother her at all.
Here you can see a little more of the detail.
Now that that's done I guess I'll have to find another pattern to do.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could do that! Once I crochet, if I don't continue its gone! I never learned to purl so my knitting is a little on the blah side!!
The afghan is just beautiful and the Ollie lump only
added to its beauty!!

Anonymous said...


~M~ said...

Oh Wow! I really wish I could do that as well. I have a blanket that I started probably close to 10 years ago and still haven't finished it! Way to go Tina, it looks beautiful!!