Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dirty Dogs = Dirty Tub

I haven't given the dogs a proper soapy sudsy bath since we've been here. We have hosed the mud off their legs and rubbed them with a towel but that's just not the same. I decided to give them a real bath after we got back from our walk at the BLM's North Bank Ranch.

I went with the hardest to wash first, which was Gus. It was really bad. I cleaned it out before I gave Clyde his bath. To be honest by the time I finished with Clyde my back was kind of sore and I decided to clean the tub later.

That's when I realized I could take a picture and at least I'd have a little bit of blog fodder for those in my family that start writing nasty emails when I haven't posted for more than two or three days! (Just kidding!)

So here is the tub after washing Clyde. I realize it's a little hard to see but in real life it's pretty bad.
Now imagine it about three times worse than this. That's what it looked like with Gus, the Golden Retriever.
I used my scrubbie on them and consequently it's become a "dogs only" scrubbie.

In the house search front we have a meeting tomorrow morning with our realtor. I'm beginning to reevaluate my wants list. I'm thinking maybe I won't get the property I want and I'll just have to make do with something smaller, acreage wise. We'll see what she has to say tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Now, that's DIRTY!

Bet the petlies feel much better now.

Love, M

Roberta said...

I've been meaning to let you know how sorry I am about Chester. Now we've lost Chunk. It was hard, but it's even harder to lose one you've had for years.

We've moved your pony again, back to the pen just down from Bella. We needed her pen for a horse that couldn't get along with its neighbors.

Good luck house-hunting!