Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A few weeks ago we took a little drive to the coast and saw this decidedly unique bus in the parking lot at the Winchester Bay docks. Somebody took a VW van and stuck it on top of an old school bus and turned it into a motor home.

Notice the smoke stack by the driver's side of the van.
Is it a vanbushome or maybe even The Magic Bus?


~M~ said...

Oh, THANKS for the laugh! What a neat "vanbushome"! I've had dreams of someday traveling around in a retrofitted bus since childhood. Maybe someday that will be us. LOL!


Anonymous said...

And how kind not to zoom in on the CA license plates!!
Could you hear the Greatful Dead music from where you two were??

Sheds Australia said...

That's nice! We also have our own "vanbushome" and it's really cool and so exciting when we travel and stay inside with a family of four members. Yours is a bit longer though. Enjoy the free ride!