Friday, February 4, 2011

Closer Look, Part One

Yesterday we went to take a closer look at the property we are really interested in. This is the one that was originally listed at $595,000 and it had 285 acres, a house, feeder barn, pond, and according to the flyer "850 mbf".

I didn't know what that meant when I first saw the property on line. It didn't matter anyway since it was well over our price point.

I have since learned that it means 850 million board feet of timber. The person that bought it is the owner of a private timber company and he bought it specifically to log it. His plan is to clear cut the southern part, selective cut near the house. The property was going to be split so the house, on the northern part, would have 85 acres. After logging it was to be sold.

Our realtor found out about the planned split and that's how we got started with this place. When we first went out to see it the power was turned off and we did a quick tour of the house. We liked what we saw at that time.

So now that escrow has closed with the timber company owner we were able to go out to the house again with his agent (and ours) and take a closer look. I took about 60 pictures and picked out about 45 to post so this look will be spread out over four days. (Remember you can click on each picture to enlarge.)

The driveway entrance from the street.
Halfway into the driveway looking towards the house. This is a long open sided shed. It could be covered parking for extra vehicles or converted to a barn or big storage shed.
Another view of the car port. The house is in the background.
These are two small sheds. You can see them in the above photo on the right, below the car port. The one on the right is set up to possibly be a greenhouse of sorts.
This is the view looking back from the end of the carport to the street. The loggers were already in action and you can see the beginning of a road they are putting in. In starts right at the gate and goes up and around to the top fence.
The driveway comes in and makes a loop around the car port. This is the house from the bottom part of the loop. The front door is in the middle on the deck.
And here's the house from the top of the loop. This is actually the back of the house.
Here's a better look at this part of the back of the house. The slider goes into the dining area. The window next to it is where the main sink is. You can see here the garage door is open and the little door next to it also goes into the garage.
The house from the "back yard area".
And just panning a bit to the right is the car port.
The front door.
The view from the front door. The oaks will still be there, but the green trees in the far background will be gone. The former owner liked to target shoot as you can see his targets set up in the front.
More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks very nice. The views are beautiful. I see why you like it.

Where would the animals go? How close are the nearest neighbors, grocery stores and stuff?

Is most of the acreage toward that view from the front door?

Sorry about all the questions. It's exciting and I'm excited for you!!

Love, LC

tina f. said...

The property runs east/west from the road, so most of the property is on the other side. I've been trying to scan the map we got into my computer but I can't seem to figure it out. I'll take a picture of the map and post it.

~M~ said...

Haha! The previous owner liked to target shoot off his front porch! Oh-My!

Glad you seem pretty happy with things so far! Can't wait to see more pictures!


tina f. said...

Oh, and to answer the other questions, there is only a perimeter fence right now. We'd have to build fences to make some new pens, plus there is no fence where the new south boundary will be. There is a little grocery store in Oakland, about 8 miles away, or Roseburg, about 20 minutes away. There are two neighbors on small lots (1-2 acres) across, but back off the street.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tina its beautiful!!! I can't wait to take a tour inside!
When we are talking about the 8 mile store is it a real
store or more like a 7-11 with ammo too!!?? Plus you only have to hit a store 1 x a week anyway. So would Roseburg be your go to place for like Doctors and stuff? Keeping happy thoughts for you still!!!

tina f. said...

Patti, to be honest I haven't been inside the store. It's probably a little better than a 7-11 but they probably do sell ammo too! LOL! That's not really something I've explored in depth yet. There is a veterinarian there also but I'm thinking we'd probably still go to Roseburg for our regular doctors and main shopping. I finally got my scanner thing figured out so I'll add the plat maps to tomorrow's post.