Sunday, February 6, 2011

Closer Look, Part Three

Continuing from yesterday...

This is the masterbedroom. It is on the opposite end of the house on the front. The sliding door leads out to the front deck and you can probably see a part of a hot tub in the deck. We didn't look at it so I have no idea what kind of condition it is in.
Here's a look from inside the bedroom. Directly to my right and behind me is the sliding door (just so you can get a perspective of where the photo is taken from). The bedroom entrance door is to the left, there's a full length mirror on the wall, and the entry to the closets and bathroom are right next to that.
The rather large closet.
We've never had a closet this big before!
This is from the closet looking into the master bathroom.
The master bath toilet! There is only one sink, but I could live with that. For a while.
Now here's that crazy shower I previously mentioned! It looks like there are two shower heads, one built in and one hand held, as well as a spout. This would work really well for washing the dogs!
Notice the floor to ceiling windows!
Here's from outside looking in.
I guess you could put potted ferns and stuff all in the outer edge where the rocks are.
For some reason this shower just totally intrigues me!
This is the view from inside the master bedroom looking into the hall. There are a few dry rot issues we noticed in the hall (notice at the bottom of the corner).
So that's it for the back part of the house. More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

They really must have got a deal on that carpet?? Ok me being me I would either have to drop the weight of a 4th grader or put curtains up in the shower, it is beautiful, and I like the idea of ferns too!

Anonymous said...

I like the house! I love that shower! There are so many things you could do to keep the openness yet have privacy.

I hope you get it!


~M~ said...

Wow....that shower really is something eh? I definitely get why you're so intregued by it. It's like they tried to get all "fancy". Are you okay with the fact that it is all open or would you want to change that a bit?

Also, like you said, that sure is a random place for a "hang-down" light fixture in that "entry area"!!

The house sure does have potential! What is the square footage? It seems to be quite a large house.

I hope things start moving along with this place and that the realitor starts taking things more seriously!