Saturday, August 18, 2012

When Hubby Is Away...

I go into jump building mode!

Hubby had to go to CA for a quick trip last week and during his absence I added a few jumps to my collection.  The great thing was I used materials I already had on hand, so I didn't have to go to the store to buy any lumber.  All the wood I used was already here!

This was the first thing I made.  I'm not sure what you'd call it...maybe a flat topped coop?  

This particular beauty (the other side of the coop) was made from a terrible old cabinet I tore out of the shop.  When I took it out I had in mind that the pieces may be recyclable so I was careful not to break any of the large pieces. 

Next I found some cut juniper pieces near these tree trunks.  They were obviously forgotten when Hubby did all the tree limbing earlier this year. 

I spread them out between these trees and then lodged a board from another jump in the trunks.  The board made the other jump a little high for me, so it was no problem to scavange. 

I made this two rail upright using juniper trunks Hubby saved for me and scrap wood I saved.

Notice the superb building techniques!  A block and hole drilled above the block to hold either the bottom end or stick the top through the hole.  This way the pole length doesn't have to be exactly the same.

Then I found my old jump cups and tried to make something that could use them.  I cut the juniper posts evenly and voila!  

Everything may not look too professional right at the moment, but I was rather proud of myself that I didn't spend any money.  AND everything works!

I'm presently working on making some cavaletti (training poles that can be set at three different heights and stacked to be used as jumps).  My first attempt wasn't too bad but then I realized I made a slight mistake.  

I'll report on those when I get them finished.

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Anonymous said...

Next we need to see some action fotos- or even a video!