Monday, November 19, 2012

Finished "Message Center"

I had to buy more of the tiny iridescent tiles because I had miscalculated the amount I would need to finish the border.  The pleasant news about that was I actually got a small refund on that order because it didn't cost as much to ship as they had originally charged me.  Hooray for!

Here is my board hanging on the wall where I wanted it, but its not quite done yet.

Now I have finished the tiles, grouted, and added a section of cork to pin whatever up.

I really like how the tiles almost glow with the iridescence. Unfortunately it doesn't really show up too well in these photos.

And finally a close up of the side tiles I used.

In the end I may have spent more than I would have if I had bought a ready made board but my home made message center is prettier and definitely more satisfying!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! That turned out fantastic!! Now did you cut the whiteboard or just put the cork over it?? The cork looks flush the the whiteboard, looks great!! However you needed to put something very strange on the whiteboard to see which of us pried into what you were writing!! Bank heist / sex change ....

tina f. said...

I just put the cork over it. They were 12'X12" cork tiles that I cut to about 12'X8" and simply glued onto the side. Next time I have a kitchen shot I'll try and remember to put something weird on there! LOL!

Kathy said... turned out great!! Love it!