Friday, November 9, 2012

Three Days Off

This week I somehow managed to get three days off in a row.  We took that opportunity to make an overdue visit to our friends in Roseburg. They graciously offered us some wood if we helped cut some trees.

Here is the first tree, actually a large branch off a madrone tree, that had been cut and then got tangled in other trees as it fell. Its being pulled free with the tractor.

Cutting the limb.

After the limbs were cut the pieces were placed in the bucket of the tractor to bring to the truck bed.  The left over debris was piled on top to bring to the burn pile.

The burn pile.

The madrone wood is extremely dense and heavy so we actually could only put about one and a half of those big limbs in the bed of the truck. It was like loading the pickup with large sacks of cement! I think we were able to fill the bed about 2/3 full with the wood so the back end of the truck didn't get too loaded down.

Afterwards we enjoyed "adult beverages" around a blazing fire pit.

We had a wonderful visit with our friends.  It seems the snow season is upon us now so we may not be able to do it again for a while but we are certainly looking forward to when ever that time may be!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun! And everyone got some nice wood! AND 3 whole days off!! Yee Haw, me too, Veteran's Day.
Hope your weather holds out for a bit, that will not be a fun drive when it is snowy!!
Hope all is well!

Kathy said...

Such a fun visit!!!
Guess we'll have to look forward to spring!