Sunday, December 9, 2012

Decorating For Christmas

About a week ago when I was at work Hubby got a $5 permit and went to the National Forest to find us a Christmas tree.

As I drove into the garage after my work day I noticed some tree trimmings on the front porch.  Hubby greeted me at the garage house door and I asked if he was able to find a nice tree for us.  He replied that the best he could do was a little five footer.  Well, I was a bit disappointed but figured it was only five dollars so that would be hard to beat, even if the tree was a "Charlie Brown tree".

As I walked into the house I felt like I was walking into the Narnia Chronicles, where the kids are hiding in the closet and it turns into a forest.  The "little five footer" turned out to be a whopping 12 foot tall Douglas Fir, originally cut at 14' then cut to 12' to fit into the house.  Our vaulted ceiling is 12' at the highest point.

The next day while I was at work he cut it to fit in the space by our dining area window.  A few days later I was able to do the tree decorating.  It doesn't look so great in the picture but I think it's beautiful. I still feel like I'm missing some of my ornaments, but oh well. 

Can't complain about my $5 tree!

And the rest of the house is done also.  I put a string of lights on the deck rail.  This time I got a bunch of LED lights so they wouldn't keep popping fuses.  Supposedly I can string 30 sets together without worrying.  I've got the whole length of the deck lined with lights and they have not given me any trouble, unlike last year with the older sets of lights.

Inside I lined the edge with lights and placed the poinsettias in groups around the cabinet tops.  

Since we don't have a hearth I put our fake garland on the curtain rod over the door and hung all the Santa ornaments there.

The front door got regular lights (the bluish lights are the LEDs) and I had a string of reds that I  used to outline our card holder.

I still have a bunch of older light strands that I'm not sure how I should use them.  Maybe I'll hang on to them and turn them in next year like I did this year for some discounted new LED strands.

I do enjoy having the house decorated for the holidays.  And I am NOT going to think of when I have  to take it all down.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had missed your blog!
What a fun way to discover your huge tree!
Your home is so beautiful! You will have to take a night shot looking into your home, seeing your deck all lit up, and the tree!!
I am wondering have you ever had a tree that big? Perhaps you don't have any ornaments missing, just need more for next years 12 footer!!
Love your kitchen area! I'll bet you are so busy at work right now! We will go down to our Home Depot and BUY our tree tomorrow, but not close to your $5!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You should keep it up so the rest of the family can see it this summer.