Friday, December 21, 2012

More Clearing

Today we cleared a little more area.  We cleared the strip from the bottom of the loop road up to where it bends around towards the house, north from that road to the first dip along that strip, so not all the way to the creek.

Hubby limbed some of the bigger trees.  

So we had a new burn pile started.

He tended the fire while I ran the tractor and brush hog.

Here's looking back up the hill (the loop road is the white section on the left).  I had done one pass next to the road.

Here you can see a little more of the clearing.

The burn pile didn't take long to burn.

Here's a section at the north side of the strip I'm getting ready to brush. Notice the two trees right in the middle of the picture.

And after I've brushed this section.  Here are the two trees again.

And a couple more shots of "after".  

Next on my list of implements to get is a disk (or disc) harrow so I can plow all this up and make it smooth and hopefully have some nice grass growing.

Maybe next year.

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