Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Cashier Olympics"

On October 6 we had the first part of the "cashier olympics" at the Home Depot store I work at. I unexpectedly got third place. The first three place contestants then were to go to the District competition on October 20.

The District competition was held in Eugene. I wasn't too sure about going but decided to give it a whirl since the store competition was not as bad as I had thought it would be. There were ten stores in all that showed up, so 30 competitors, along with their respective store managers and assistant store managers, and a few extra people who came to root their teams on. It was a bigger deal than I had imagined.

Each store had a table so they could set up their food offerings. They were supposed to be decorated with their "theme".  This is the aisle with all the tables set up. (Sorry about the poor quality photos. These were taken with my phone.)

One team's theme was cowboy related. I don't know if they were the ones who showed up dressed in Denver Broncos jerseys but this one team actually brought in miniature horses.

They were very cute!

This was our table. Our theme was "harvest time". I know, kind of lame. At our team introduction the announcer called us the "Harvesters" and wanted to know what we harvest. So I told him Souls! Our team was the quietest of the bunch and I think that took him aback just a bit!! LOL!

One of our cashiers who was not competing showed up for support and made this cake. Pretty cool!

I didn't realize they had a contest for the best table and costume. Like I said, ours was kind of lame (we wore matching work shirts, black pants, and straw hats decorated with fall leaves and miniature scarecrows). The table that had the mini-horses won the best table/costumes.

We had three "tests", the speed and accuracy cashiering (accuracy being most important), the "cover your assets" where we observed a "customer" and "cashier" engaged in a sale and we had to list all the things that were done wrong, and the third test was a "department knowledge" test where we had to take a basket of items and put them in the proper department basket (gray pvc pipe to electrical, paint brushes to paint, etc).  The last test was something we had not done at our store and the only thing that saved me on that one was having worked in Returns for so long. Otherwise I would have been totally lost. I feel like my cashiering test was compromised because after I started I realized the scanner gun was not working and that really threw me off.

In any case our team didn't place so none of us are headed to the Regionals. 

There's always next year!!


Kathy Haskins said...

I hope it was a fun day.......and they better watch out next year! :-)

Anonymous said...

Never knew these things happened, it actually sounds kind of fun. I think you placing 3rd will be noted on your work file, so that might even help you down the road, way to be a team player!! The cake was very cute, and how nice of her to do that, but most of all I loved your comment, I would have liked to see his face!

Maria said...

Hello from Georgia! Your district Olympics looked like a lot of fun. We just had a dinner and games. Well, funny story. I participated in our store Olympics. I didn't place for anything. There were three winners and a back up. (Not Me) So it was Sunday and one of the winners was out of town and the back up said she wasn't going to do it cause it was last minute notice. So anyway, being a team leader when my FES told me this, I volunteered to be there since I was working that night anyway. So long story short. District was held at our store, and I placed first among everyone! I love Home Depot, it was just ironic cause I wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. :) Anyway. Just posting my story out there Thanks!

tina f. said...

Hi Maria! Congrats on your District win! I guess that means you will be headed to the Regionals? Good Luck! Thanks for stopping by. ☺