Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Yesterday at work we had a bake sale and contest for scariest decoration. Sadly only three people brought cakes in.  I didn't plan on participating in the contest but I did bring some macarons for the sale. My cookies weren't decorated too much but what the people eating them didn't know was they had a little trick to them.  I colored them with black food coloring so the end result was actually out dark purple with green and orange frosting in between. The trick was when you ate one your tongue and teeth turned purple! No worries though, the effect didn't last long (and the cookies were good!).

Here is our table.  On the right is a cake that looks like a pumpkin with bones around the bottom. In the middle is some punch and in another bowl has dry ice with the smoke flowing out.

Another view. You can't see it but on the left are the other cakes. You can kind of see my bag of cookies on the left.

Here's a cake with a "heart"on it being eaten by rats.

I saved the best/scariest cake for last.  This is a cake made to look like a dirty kitty litter box. It even had the green "chlorophyll" dots.  Several people said they couldn't even look at it without getting urpy.

I don't know which cake actually won but that was the winner in my book.

Have a safe Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Saw this the other day in a book, made me cringe a bit but pretty fun! It was right next to OgreQ-tips, pretzel rods with a oval marshmallow attached, then dip all in melted white choc. then drizzle a bit of melted peanut butter over the marshmallow, yum!