Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 Wood Pile

Just under 10 hours of wood splitting and a few hours of stacking and our wood pile for the year is done.

We definitely have more than last year. Last year we didn't have enough to last the winter.

I hope it's enough this year! 


Anonymous said...

HOLY SMOKES!! It doesn't sound like that many hours to get all of that done, but then again I wasn't the one sweating over it all. Do you cover it? Or is this the holding pattern, and then you move some to dry closer to the house?

tina f. said...

We don't cover it. What we usually do is fill the tractor bucket and bring that into the house garage. That way if it is wet from the weather it has a chance to dry out before we stick it in the fireplace.

Kathy Haskins said...

Wahoo!! You're going to be warm this winter!!!