Friday, March 21, 2014

Sahalie Falls and Clear Lake

The final two stops on our trip home were Sahalie Falls and Clear Lake.

First was Sahalie Falls.

This one was so full of water I had to be very careful with my camera. The mist was very heavy. If you were to stand in one spot too long you would soon be wet! 

Here's a couple views from the top. 

Getting to this point made me a little nervous. 

It wouldn't be hard to get a little closer and accidentally fall or slip. And then it would be all over! Over the top of the falls, that is.

After that we stopped at Clear Lake, just a few short yards up the McKenzie Highway from Sahalie Falls.

Hard to tell here, but that is a Barrow's Golden Eye Duck.

There he is in the middle of the lake, I'm sure enjoying the view, as we are. 

A big covered picnic area. There is a fireplace and two large tables inside.

A plaque in the fireplace I believe has a 1937 date on it. It's rather worn and faded and next to impossible to read.

When the weather gets a little warmer we'll have to revisit the area for a real picnic. 

I'm looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

I think I will take the lake! Nancy has mentioned to us to stop at Sahalie Falls before, and how beautiful it is, but dang that looks a little scary, I would have to have a rope around me! cluck cluck cluck!

tina f. said...

If you stay on the trail you are perfectly safe. I climbed up to the top where there is no railing.