Monday, August 3, 2015


Unless you've been living under a rock lately, or perhaps have no regular access to electronics or even  newspapers, you know that the west coast is on fire. 

Last week we saw the ominous cloud of smoke that would become the Cable Crossing fire.

From when I heard it first reported it was six miles east of the town of Glide and only about 8 acres. Glide is about two miles from where we are in our rental. 

It didn't take long for the fire to get bigger.

 We saw air support off and on during the day.

By that evening I was sure it was under control, though I didn't really hear anything on the news. A few days later hubby thought he'd go fishing. There were escorts through this section of the Umpqua Highway. (There still is as of today, 8/3/15 at this same spot, mile post 22.)

Following the pilot car. This is on the way back home.

A couple of firefighters on the side. Keeping things under control. Hopefully.

A couple of quick shots out the car window as hubby was driving. Still quite hot, as you can see by the smoke.

Sure enough, the fire jumped a line and went from just over a hundred acres to just over a thousand.

Definitely getting bigger.

 More air support.

By night time you could see it starting to creep over the nearest mountain. (Same shot as the photo above the planes.)

My photo tripod is in storage somewhere. I tried adjusting the f-stop and aperture settings on the camera but without the steadiness of the tripod the photo is a little on the blurry side. 

I believe some residents were on alert to evacuate. None of these pictures shows it but there is a home not far from the crest where the flame was coming up. If that was my home I would be VERY nervous.

Today Hubby and I went for another drive through the area. The fire looks like it is on the way out. You can actually check the Cable Crossing fire's FaceBook page here.

While we were following the pilot car I tried to snap a few quick pictures of where the fire came down to the road.

On the way back through Glide we passed the fire crew camp.

Hope they get to rest soon.

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