Wednesday, August 26, 2015

North Umpqua Trail, Other Side Of Panther

Last week we took a trip to visit the kids in California. When we got back I realized I forgot to blog about our last little walk. So here it is.

We went to the other side of the Panther Segment of the North Umpqua Trail. The last time we went north and this time we went south.

We took Clyde with us and kept him on the long line. Here he's enjoying a small stream.

This section goes a little closer to the river. That's the bridge we crossed to get to the trailhead from the North Umpqua Highway.

If you look closely near the top of the tree line you can see a hawk circling about.

This was an interesting section of the trail. It looks like someone has taken the time to piece the rocks together to make a stone sidewalk.

Otherwise it's just your average trail.

At one point it looked like there was a clearing on the uphill side. The terrain wasn't real steep there so we took a detour. It was a clearing. In fact it was a large picnic area with a ball field.

Later on we found out this is the Steamboat Ball Field and Pavillion Group Site, available by reservation only.

A prior visitor got a little artistic with this twig deer at the edge of the field.

We poked around there a bit. Since we'd gone about .8 miles and I wasn't feeling 100% we then headed back.

Just a little hazard on the trail.

Just a couple days later we took off for our mini vacation to see the kids.

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